Investigation - Functions

The main function of the Investigation Department is to investigate alleged or suspected corruption which has come to our attention through lodged complaints. The Department is administered by the Manager Investigations.


The Department has teams specialised to carry out Fraud investigations and Resource investigations.  It has four Chief Commission Officers, two of who are set in the Suva, one in  Lautoka and one in the Labasa Office.


The other sections within the Department are:


Professional Standards


The officer in this position is responsible for ensuring that all investigation files and reports are accurate, complete and presentable before it is handed to the Deputy Commissioner and the Legal Department. The officer provides advice and enforces the minimum standards on the quality of investigations. However the Officer does not carry out any investigative duties but at the discretion of the Manager Investigations, the officer may assist in investigations and interviews.


Financial Investigation


The main function of the Financial Investigators is to discover the source of various financial problems as well as in areas as diverse as fraud investigation and financial audits. Among additional functions, they might search for assets to recover damages awarded by a court in fraud or theft cases, investigate for evidence of embezzlement or other financial irregularities, or perform internal financial audits and legally secure evidence to prosecute financial crimes.



The Registry Officers are responsible for handling centralised documentations and records of all items/documents seized during the course of the Commission’s investigations. They ensure a centralised venue for all referrals of court records, files and exhibits.


Special Assignment


Under the direction of the Deputy Commissioner, Special Assignment Officers conduct criminal intelligence analysis. They use intelligence to support the achievement of objectives of FICAC.