What is FICAC?



FICAC or the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption is an anti-corruption agency that fights against corruption in the Public Sector of Fiji.


FICAC is mandated by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption Promulgation No. 11 of 2007.


We at FICAC aim to protect public interest, prevent breach of public trust and guide the conduct of public officials.


The primary objectives of the Promulgation are to promote the integrity and accountability of public administration. This is enhanced through the through the establishment of FICAC to:


Investigate and prosecute corruption and bribery related cases


Examine and advise government of its practices and procedures that are conducive to corruption


Educate and enlist public support in combating corruption



Although FICAC is a public organisation, it is independent of the government of the day, and is accountable to the people of Fiji through His Excellency, the President. 


FICAC is independent as its investigations are not subject to the direction of any political party, or government.

This independence is essential for the public confidence that FICAC is totally independent and not subject to the orders of the government of the day.