The Deputy Commissioner

A Message from the Deputy Commissioner

The performance of duties by those in the public sector must be done with integrity, as highlighted by the United Nations Secretary-General Mr. António Guterres in an address last year.

Fiji, as a nation and the hub of the Pacific, have made great strides in creating and constantly improving the anti-corruption culture through the fostering of fruitful partnerships with the community and public sector and the formulation of laws contextualised to suit the climate of corruption which exists in various public sectors.

The efficient handling of corruption related complaints, diligence in investigation, combined with a robust legal team, inventive corruption prevention officers and a resourceful team dedicated to the smooth running of anti-corruption is what makes up FICAC.

Holding accountable those who have deviated from the law and duties required of them have been of paramount importance to the Commission and this is done with absolute competence and urgency.

Having served as the Manager Legal for over five years has helped me realise the importance of understanding and applying the law to all our cases and being given this opportunity to lead the Commission will see my journey in the fight against corruption come full circle.

Preventing and reducing corruption is only possible through a combined effort and I look forward to continuing this fight together to ensure the people of Fiji live a life free of corruption.

As you peruse the contents of this website, which is a collection of years of hard work and a treasure trove of anti-corruption knowledge, I invite you to take a stand against corruption today.

Mr. Rashmi Aslam

Deputy Commissioner